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Only $12.70 a year. That’s only a little over $1 a month, compared to the $5 a month you’d pay at even the cheaper hosting sites! Here’s what you get:

This is a great place to host your own images or your own blog for personal OR public viewing! You have the control!

You can create unlimited pages and host reasonably-sized pictures (nothing over 500px in width unless it’s a header), all from your very own subdomain!

We will not host anyone who has any content rated over G. No forums allowed. Terms and conditions subject to change without notice.

Your First Name:

Current Email:

Current Website:

Desired Email Address:

Desired Password:

Desired Subdomain:

Optional Services:

Contact Form, $5

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How did you find about CMOMB subdomains?:

By checking this box, I agree that I shall not keep any content rated above G on my website, I will not install any forums and if I do, I realize my subdomain and all my files will be deleted.

If you get close to your 500mb mark, contact us and we’ll work out a deal for you!

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