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Welcome to CMOMB!

A fellowship of Christian moms

We consider member participation valuable to the life of CMOMB's list! We would love to have you consider joining us.

Our goal is to do a super job of raising our families, not to just "hope it will all turn out right." That's why we try to have a positive emphasis.

We see that most of society load women down with guilt and despair, because they make even the simplest things seem to difficult and unattainable.

So instead of fretting about how to deal with a lazy child, for instance, we will talk about how to get kids excited about helping around the house. Instead of moaning about emotional abuse in marriage, we will talk about how to grow in the graces of perseverance, forgiveness, kindness, and love.

Our position is pro-baby, pro-child, pro-marriage for life, and pro-home.

While we do recognize that not everything has to be done at home, we do think that institutions take up way too much space in today's society, and that most social problems would be solved if families were to submit, obey, and grow closer to our Lord Jesus Christ. That's what we're about. Discussing all those things for the end goal.

Gwen & Ruth

Some of the above is adapted from Mary Pride, Big Happy Family Vol. 1, #1

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