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A Basic Pantry

The following is a list of ingredients that will make up a basic well-stocked pantry (some items should be refrigerated, such as eggs). These are suggestions. Don’t run out and buy everything on the list. Not all ingredients will appeal to all people. However, most of the items listed here are basic ingredients that will go into the making of a wide variety of recipes.


* olive oil
* vegetable or canola oil
* shortening


* basil
* oregano
* cumin
* cayenne
* crushed red pepper
* thyme
* ginger
* mustard powder
* allspice
* paprika
* cinnamon
* salt
* pepper
* garlic granules
* onion powder
* chili powder
* sage


* vanilla


* corn starch
* baking powder
* baking soda
* flour
* sugar (powdered, granulated & brown)
* yeast
* bullion
* maple syrup
* powdered buttermilk
* powdered milk
* eggs
* mustard
* mayonnaise
* hot sauce
* lemon juice
* ketchup
* cornmeal
* soy sauce
* potatoes
* Split Peas
* Vinegar
* dried beans
* pasta
* rice

Handy to have on Hand

* canned or frozen vegetables
* Barley
* creamed soups
* raisins
* Pickles
* Parmesan cheese
* plain yogurt or sour cream
* cream cheese
* cheeses
* celery
* onions
* carrots
* peanut butter
* tomato sauce
* unsweetened cocoa powder

By having these items on hand, you should be able to assemble and prepare plenty of delicious meals for your family.

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