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Our purpose is to encourage and strengthen Christian stay at home moms, particularly those with many blessings (children) in their day to day walk. Our desire is that we will all submit, obey, and grow closer to our Lord Jesus Christ so He may say, 'Well done good and faithful servant'.

We appreciate NO advertising at the board. If you have a website or email loop, or product, you are welcome to advertise it at our swap portion of the board. Please do not contact members about membership to your own lists/groups. This is common courtesy. If you want to include it in your signature, no problem. Because someone posts a link in their signature, it doesn't mean we endorse it. There is also a space in the Links Library.

For the sake of privacy and basic courtesy, if you want to share something a sister has posted with friends or others at other groups/forums, please ask their permission first. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. If we find that anyone has shared information elsewhere without permission, they will be dismissed. This includes sharing your password to this forum!

Error and Offense
If you believe an article or comment is in error, please send scriptural backing in disputing it. This helps give us God's view and not man's 'opinion' on why a particular idea might be wrong. Realize that God sees everything we're writing in our posts and if you feel you are angry, please wait a moment, gather your thoughts and pray before posting. Accept another person's scriptural response without offense. Also, understand that we will defend sound Christian doctrine at all costs.

If you think someone has offended you or if you believe someone is in sin, take it to the person privately (in accordance with Matthew 18:15). Please try to work out the problem and be 'at peace with one another.' If there is a serious problem, please notify the moderators. To maintain accountability on this list, all administrators are accountable to one another. We have each agreed to submit to reproof when necessary, and maintain a teachable spirit in what God would show us through scripture and other sisters in the Lord.

The reality is that CMOMB won't meet everyone's needs and lady's situations change. However, if you are leaving because you are hurt or angry, please accept our sincere apologies, forgive, and move on quietly. Please notify Ruth in order to have your account deleted. All "I'm leaving the board" posts will be deleted.

Members asking to be placed in validating: These are non-active members that cannot view the forum. We will allow a sabbatical in validating up to 6 months. They will retain their signature and post count, which is important to some in gaining into the private forum. If you have not requested to be placed back into full membership at 6 months, we will email you. If you choose to remain a non-active member in validating, we will remove you, otherwise you will be placed back into full membership. If, during that 6 months time your email bounces, we will remove you without notice.

Members asking to be unsubscribed: These are no longer members. They may not view the forum and must make application to rejoin if they chose to in the future. They will not retain their signature, post count, which is important to some in gaining access to the private forum, neither will they retain their photo gallery or avatar.

Image gallery: If you are not a member and have an image gallery abandoned, we will remove the gallery and/or images at our own discretion. If images have been linked to within posts for informational purposes such as an example of how to sew a diaper, we may leave the image intact.

Contact information in the private forum: If you are not a member and have your contact information in the private forum, we will remove information at our discretion and/or keep it for no longer than 6 months.

Of course, there is the option of simply not coming by cmomb anymore or for any length of time a member desires.

Photos and Images
We have a photo gallery you are welcome to use, or images may also be attached to posts. Let us know if you need assistance. We'd be happy to help you in anyway to get your images to appear for you.

Fine Print
All information given about the medicinal use of herbs is just that... INFORMATION and should not supercede or replace licensed medical or homeopathic care. Any information given should be further researched and confirmed by speaking to licensed medical professionals.

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